Do Me, Javert!

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Welcome to do_me_javert, a community dedicated to everyone's favorite inspector from Les Miserables: Javert!

This is an anything goes community, so if you are offended by mature content, please enter at your own risk. ;)

Anything is welcomed here: General Javert discussions, pictures, icons/graphics, fanfiction/drabbles, etc etc.

Fans of any of the Javert interpretations are welcome, but there are a few rules to adhere by if we are to keep this a friendly, fun community:


1. Do NOT flame or belittle other people if they have a different opinion than you on a certain actor or portrayal. Everyone has a right to their opinions, and while it's okay to disagree, let's keep it civilized. We're all adults here. =)

2. Let's keep advertising to a minimum, unless it's relevant.

3. If your post is picture-intensive or has something of an adult content, please use an Lj-Cut. If you're unsure of what should be placed under one, please err on the side of caution.

4. 3 Strikes and you're out. If I have to warn you more than twice for breaking these rules or being overall offensive to other members, you will be banned.


This community is moderated by a_cow_says_moo and shoreless_sea. If you have any problems, questions, etc., please come to us.

Okay, that's it! Other than that, just have some fun! I know there has got to be a bunch of Javert lovers out there! ;D

And, while you're at it, go check out do_me_cliques, and check out the many other "Do Me" communities that are out there!